B. T. Jones



Brian Jones, who writes under the pen name B. T. Jones, is an American author who wrote Dark Cave. A preteen adventure / horror fiction written for his two sons. The book is sold world-wide and available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and book stores everywhere.

Jones also wrote Little Ed (Book of Short Stories), the first book in a series of Little Ed books. A children’s book series written in a style for adults to read to children. Jones believes it is important to bring adults and children together through reading. “Books should be enjoyed for years to come. It is a great thing to see children reading, and enjoying books their parents once read to them”, says Jones. The first book has been selling copies around the world. Jones has only released the books exclusively on Amazon. It will be available at Barnes and Noble, and retailers after the release of the second book in the series.

The second book in the Little Ed series (Zoo Visit) will be published and released in the fall of 2017 exclusively on Amazon.

The main character in the Little Ed series is a miniature service horse Jones owns to aid him in mobility. Many of the stories are based on the lives and events of real animals. Jones included a web page in each book, where readers can view the animals they read about.

Jones also, takes time to make public appearances with his animals for special events, book signing and children’s birthdays. If interested in booking an event, you can message Jones on the CONTACT page of this site.